Executive Committee
President Venise Stuart
President-Elect Martha Cox
VP of Arrangements Mari Epperson
VP of Fundraising Melissa Lewis
VP of Membership Sharon Knowles
Recording Secretary Stephanie Woodruff
Corresponding Secretary Cynthia Dutter
Treasurer Brenda Truitt
Assistant Treasurer  
Parliamentarian Sharon Ballew

Committee Chairs
Child's Health Liaison
Connie Rhoades
Communications Deborah Brown
General Meetings  
     Membership Tea Mari Epperson
     Brunch/Child Life Connie Rhoades
     Annual Meeting Mari Epperson
Historian Deborah Brown
Invitations/Mailings Alyce Heinrich
Photographer Dana Driensky Photography
Welcome      Sharon Knowles
World Affairs Liaison Sharon Knowles
Yearbook Connie Rhoades
Advisory Committee

Sharon Ballew
Jan Ward
Alyce Heinrich
Connie Rhoades

Finance Committee

Martha Cox    
Brenda Truitt    
Claire Cunningham

Members at Large

Summer Series ~ Soup and Salad

Alyce Heinrich